Progetti automotive

Our achievements

jw-consulting is very keen on the privacy of its customers. This is why we do not specify the details of the projects or the name of the automotive companies they were implemented for. But we can summarize a few significant consulting cases.

Project A

The project, which lasted initially 18 months, was implemented for the Italian branch of a German automotive company in view of improving the situation of a number of dealers that suffered from profitability problems. After a preliminary analysis, a set of proposals and focused interventions were made in the individual areas in order to improve the execution of the business model recommended by the customer company to improve profitability. The project also implied managing the generational transition in the companies involved.

Project B

We developed this two-year project for the Italian branch of a Japanese automotive company. The aim was to perform an analysis of the status of the sales network and improve its management profile. The project provides for shared action plans, whose implementation is monitored on a monthly basis and follows an accurate and in-depth analysis of the “state of the art” of the dealer under study.

Project C

Designed and implemented on behalf of the Italian branch of a German automotive company, the project has been under way since 2002 for the purpose of monitoring the quality of the customer service provided by the authorized garages.

Project D

Implemented on behalf of the parent company of a German automotive company and targeted at a number of European branches, the project was aimed at expanding the fleet sector through organizational and procedural interventions within the organization. The project also included managing the vertical implementation of processes (parent company – National Sales Company – dealer).

Project E

An expansion of the previous project, with a focus on the activity of the individual dealers and a check of their ability to address sales on the fleet market in a structured manner.

Project F

Marketing consulting to an electric vehicle manufacturer wishing to produce and sell a special vehicle on the Italian market. The project implied the development of the business case and of the launch schedule.

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