Automotive projects

Human ressource management

The training area of jw-consulting starts from the long and varied experience of its founders in the field of management consulting, design, and organization of training programmes, in view of supporting and promoting the potentials of human resources. A team of experts from the main national and international consulting companies is at the service of companies and organizations, with training and development programmes in the different company areas and for each role.

The working method of jw-consulting is based on experience, integrated with innovative proposals and behavioural methods. Each intervention is studied and co-designed after a careful analysis of needs, after a direct observation of the organization’s actual conditions, and after a careful diagnosis of the cognitive and learning styles of the future participants. We operate in the following development areas:

leadership and management, change management, teambuilding and co-operation, roles and responsibilities, decision-making, diversity management, negotiation and conflict management

company check-ups, motivation and belonging, organizational process and structure, training requirements, evaluation anddevelopment

individual development and growth, awareness, communication, public speaking and self-marketing, time and stress management, problem-solving and proactivity, creativity, persuasion and sales skills, customer service, project management

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